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Hey all, how's it going?

This is something I rarely do, but I'm posting an external link to a youtube video, or more specifically, a commercial. Why would you want to watch a commercial? Well, if you're a fan of the Matrix series, even just a little bit, you've got to check this out. No, it's not a trailer for another Matrix movie. It's just an absolutely brilliant commercial. And make sure you watch until the end. Check it out:…

:iconthrakki::iconsaysplz:I suggest you watch it.
:iconagentsmithplz::iconsaysplz:Me too.
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I love strong, toned women. Enough muscle to show power, but not so much to lose the precious beauty of the sculpted female form. I also love capable, confident, dominant women who do not need rescuing. In fact, the women I like are apt to be doing the rescuing. And also being the ones in charge and "on top". ;)

Prince Charming? Damsels in distress? To hell with that. Booooring! Hail to role reversals.

In addition to the obvious bits of the female body I’m attracted to as a male, I also love most women’s feet. I find them sexy. Yep, I’ve got a foot fetish. Oh noes. But hey, when you think about it, there’s nothing different between that and, say, admiring a woman’s butt, which is itself a fetish.

I’m completely fine with my foot fetish. I love it. It’s part of who I am. It is what it is. And no, I wouldn’t have it changed for any sum of money.

I love seeing the strong women as described above kicking, fighting and breaking things with their bare feet (or hands). Specifically big game like dragons or dinosaurs. It’s fun. Hence my original character, Amber.

I also find anthropomorphic femmes to be exotic and sexy. Particularly of the wolf, jackal or vixen variety. Even better when they have nice paaaaaws :P You'll probably see an anthro OC in my gallery at some point.

All that in a nutshell: most of the art you’ll see here represents the fantasist and fetishist part of me.

It shouldn't come as a surprise then that I like fantasy and sci-fi games/movies/books, etc.

Besides the visual artistic side of me, I also like to write on the side. I'd be into model railroading if I had the money--damn expensive hobby. So instead I do a bit of photography as a hobby, which is just as expensive, but at least has a potential of being able to make a bit of money in return...maybe.

I'd totally storm chase if I had the time. I'm that guy you see heading outside when bad weather is coming instead of seeking shelter inside.

I love luxury cars, although certainly can't afford them. My favorite brands are Aston Martin, Jaguar and Audi. You know what they say...champagne tastes, beer money.

I also very much enjoy American football, and hope to see the Chicago Bears win a Superbowl sometime in the next 20 years.

My favorite music mostly tends to be soundtracks, both from games and movies. I'm more a fan of pure music than vocals.

I go between extreme variations of laziness and hard work. Procrastination is my worst weakness.

Well, beyond all that stuff, I live a pretty mundane life working an equally mundane job. Hoo...ray.

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